In which Hunter and Rob exploit their W.M.P. and drop a sense bomb on the news. Racists dominated the headlines, and we got to watch.


Hunter and Rob try to cover their tracks after a recent bit of Computernet news comes out, Ms. Health Care Lady goes to Cabo, and sports.


In which Rob and Hunter learn the truth about the Malaysian Air flight and are exposed to the advancements in spacetime travel made upon it. Also, Crimea needs a backrub and Fred Phelps gives back his Olympic Medals.


The Dispatching Duo is visited by the Holy Spirit and get the Holy Spir-shit scared out of them when the Spirit reveals zer sexy, sexy side.

A Grammy Award-winning artist comes in all the way from New Zealand to discuss the state of computer music, the Suppaba, and the State of the Funion.

Papa Paul has skipped town for the night, so Rand is throwing a party to denounce the NSA! Ronald McDonald is in recovery, Christie wants his dinner now, woman, and Texas ain't what it used to be. Must be late January in the Afterscape.

Whilst interviewing an NSA supercomputer, Hunter and Rob learn a little too much about the Illuminati and how they're controlling Jay Z.

Iggy, a truck driver from Oslo, visits Hunter and Rob OUTSIDE of the Bunker. They discuss the troll living underneath the George Washington Bridge, Pizzagate, and how Yellowstone poses no threat to anyone (except for the Bull Moose Party).

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